Two Kinds of Goodbyes

September 2015

When the editor becomes the writer: logistics, imagination, and anxiety of working on both sides of the book

Literary Hub, August 2015

“I find a great deal of freedom in letting go of the imaginative work and diving into the editorial work. The two enterprises are completely different. As a writer, I am serving my imagination. As an editor, I am serving the author’s imagination. Editing per se is not a creative act on the page. It is a response to creativity.”

How to Say Goodbye

“Although I’ve long been anticipating this moment—when my mom would put up the house for sale and move into a place where she would be better cared for—I don’t want it to happen. Right now I want to swoop in and tend to her needs, momentarily forgetting that I have a teenage son, a husband, a full-time job, and a home of my own that demand my attention.”